Service of rented equipment

E-podnośniki provides complex assistance and maintenance services for the machinery it offers for rent. Our technicians, specialised in proper technical preparation of forklift trucks and aerial work platforms will use their experience to ensure that your machinery works effectively and to prevent any difficult-to-repair failures during the rental period. An important thing is that all machines offered for rent are thoroughly diagnosed before and after every rental – the machines returned to your hands are always functional and ready to work. We have at our disposal the necessary tools and a fully equipped mobile workshop.

Our service comprises most importantly

  • skilled personnel
  • fast service response
  • mobile workshop

Repair and maintenance services

For all clients with own equipment such as as forklift trucks or aerial work platforms we offer thorough diagnostics of machines, lift platforms and forklift trucks as part of our maintenance services. We check wear and tear of moving parts, hydraulic systems and the most important working elements of machines, replacing the elements which are most exposed to failures. We are also engaged in general overhaul and maintenance of machines – mobile lift platforms, industrial trucks. If any repair is needed, we carry out repairs using only original parts.

Our technicians are an experienced team of specialists, who have dealt with check-ups, repairs and maintenance of lift platforms for many years. Thanks to certification by the Polish Technical Inspection, numerous machinery maintenance trainings and courses, as well as continuous work with machines of various manufacturers, we can assure you that quality of our customer service and service performance will be on the highest level. We approach each client individually, making every effort to perform servicing in the place of work of a lift platform as soon as possible. The possibility of consultation by phone enable us to remotely assess the likely scope of work and to estimate how much time it will take us to repair your equipment.

Stationary and mobile servicing of hydraulic lines

As part of our additional services, we also offer the service consisting in crimping of hydraulic hoses intended for aerial work platforms, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, forklift trucks and other machinery on the premises of production plants. We provide this service either on the premises of our company or directly in the place of failure on the premises of the client.

Mobile servicing is offered for Dolnośląskie and Lubuskie province.

Low-floor transport

Our activities also comprise transport services with low-floor cars. Maximum laden mass of our car transporters is 13 tonnes. We provide our services across the country. Cars are equipped with hydraulic loading ramps and mechanical hoisting winches enabling loading and transport of such equipment as construction machinery, forklift trucks, aerial work platforms, industrial machinery.