Electric forklift trucks

Drive: Electric | Lifting capacity: 3.5T | Internal number: W09
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Drive: Electric | Lifting capacity: 3.5T | Internal number: W10
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15. Toyota 7FBMF50 - 5T
Drive: Electric | Lifting capacity: 5T | Internal number: W15
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More and more often we choose solutions which apply most advanced technologies, since they highly accelerate works performed and simultaneously they are cheaper. This is the characteristic of our electric forklift trucks, which are most frequently applied by professionals in technologically-advanced production plants or warehouses. They are ideal not only for small loads but also for large and heavy goods, whose weight is more than ten tons. Everything depends on machine construction and its parameters.

Our offer comprises electric forklift trucks made by such world’s proven manufacturer as TOYOTA and others – we regularly supplement our range of products by new machines. It is possible to adjust fork length to the needs of your factory – our solutions in this regard reach even 2.4 m.

Electric forklift trucks usually use AC motor, i.e. motors driven by alternating current, which highly increases their efficiency for much longer period of time. They are prepared to work for many hours in multi-shift mode. During works one should consider only breaks connected with the need to charge the machine.

Each electric forklift truck is not only an efficient solution, but also an ecological one. They are extinguished by:

  • minimum noise level – much lower than in the case of diesel or LP gas models,
  • no exhaust emission – devices are powered by electric energy, hence no contaminants are discharged into the air,
  • little vibrations,
  • possibility to operate in aggressive environment with high fluctuation of temperature, humidity or salinity.

First of all it is worth considering rental only from a proven company which makes sure that technical condition of its machines is regularly inspected, and, repaired, if needed, and that any defective part is replaced – this is exactly what we can guarantee to you.

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