Telescopic articulated boom lifts

01. JLG 45E
Drive: Electric | Lift height: 15.7m | Internal number: P01
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05. Manitou 120AETJC
Drive: Electric | Working height: 11.5m | Internal number: P04
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In order to perform any general construction works it is necessary to use appropriate equipment, which not only makes it possible to speed up the fulfilment of orders but it also increases the safety of workers. This is guaranteed owing to the application of articulated telescopic boom lifts, whose knuckle booms facilitate access to hard-to-reach places. They move both vertically and horizontally, therefore they are often considered to be more functional than the scissors and vertical lift models. Depending on model construction, the telescopic arm may rotate even by 360°.

Self-propelled articulated telescopic boom lifts are an excellent proposition for every construction company. They are adapted to work even on uneven surface, with possibility to be positioned directly at e.g. building wall. Position of the platform itself can be changed using the control panel located in it, which highly increases the work comfort – workers don’t need to stop their work in order to displace the whole construction.

Three types of drives of articulated telescopic boom lifts can be distinguished:

  • diesel drive,
  • electric drive

A great proposition is in particular the latter option, as it ensures that any exhaust fumes or other contaminants are not emitted to the natural environment. In addition, such a machine works quietly and is equally efficient. They can be used for fulfilment of such orders as repair of external or street lighting, assembly of gutter systems, pasting up billboards, cleaning of windows or in the case of renovation of elevations. It is worth noting that in most of telescopic and articulated boom lifts the platform has room for even two workers.

We offer articulated and telescopic boom lifts of lift height ranging from 6 up to 26 m and of lifting capacity from 320 to 450 kg. This makes it possible to carry out works both inside and outside the production halls, and also on multi-level facilities. This task is also facilitated by compact dimensions of such machines, which make them work well even in spots whose usable space is limited.

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