LP Gas forklift trucks

03. RMF KSB 135G
Drive: LP gas | Lifting capacity: 13.5T | Internal number: W04
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05. KALMAR GCD 80-6
Drive: LP gas | Lifting capacity: 8T | Internal number: W02
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06. KALMAR GCD 80-6
Drive: LP gas | Lifting capacity: 8T | Internal number: W11
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07. TOYOTA 02-7FG45
Drive: LP gas | Lifting capacity: 5T | Internal number: W08
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08. NISSAN 45
Drive: LP gas | Lifting capacity: 4.5T | Internal number: W01
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While renting equipment we take into consideration not only its performance, but also its cost – the initial one (the investment) and the latter one, resulting from regular use (technical inspections, repairs). This also refers to forklift trucks, which constitute so important part of each production plant and each construction site. They facilitate easy and efficient transport of loads (even if it weights many tons) to selected spot located sometimes few metres above the floor surface.

Our rental offer considers LP gas forklift trucks, which are very popular due to their numerous advantageous – both ecological and economical. Below you can familiarise with models available for rent, characterised by high performance and reliability, which is regularly verified during tests carried out by the Polish Technical Inspection. In addition, most of the machines are equipped with non-marking tires facilitating free operation of forklift truck inside halls without the risk of floor damage.

We offer LP gas forklift trucks of weight from 3.5 to 13.5 t and lift height from 1.7 to 6 m, manufactured by such reputable manufacturers as Kalmar, Nissan and RMF.

In order to familiarise with detailed technical parameters of all available forklift trucks, we encourage to visit particular product sub-sites. We can also answer any additional question – for that purpose we encourage to contact us by phone.


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