Forklift trucks

00. KALMAR DCE 160-12
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 16T | Internal number: W13
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01. Konecranes type: SL16-1200B
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 16T | Internal number: W14
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02. KALMAR DCE 150-6
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 15T | Internal number: W05
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03. RMF KSB 135G
Drive: LP gas | Lifting capacity: 13.5T | Internal number: W04
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04. KALMAR DCE 120-6
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 12T | Internal number: W12
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05. KALMAR GCD 80-6
Drive: LP gas | Lifting capacity: 8T | Internal number: W02
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06. KALMAR GCD 80-6
Drive: LP gas | Lifting capacity: 8T | Internal number: W11
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07. TOYOTA 02-7FG45
Drive: LP gas | Lifting capacity: 5T | Internal number: W08
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08. NISSAN 45
Drive: LP gas | Lifting capacity: 4.5T | Internal number: W01
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Drive: Electric | Lifting capacity: 3.5T | Internal number: W09
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10. TOYOTA 028FGJF35
Drive: LP gas | Lifting capacity: 3.5T | Internal number: W03
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11. TOYOTA 027FGJF35
Napęd: LP Gas | Lifting capacity: 3,5T | Internal number: W07
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Drive: Electric | Lifting capacity: 3.5T | Internal number: W10
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Drive: LP gas | Lifting capacity: 3.2T | Internal number: W06
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15. Toyota 7FBMF50 - 5T
Drive: Electric | Lifting capacity: 5T | Internal number: W15
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16. Toyota 02-7FGA50 - 5T
Drive: LP gas | Lifting capacity: 5T | Internal number: W16
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17. Kalmar DCE 100-6 - 10T
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 10T | Internal number: W17
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18. Kalmar DCE 80-9 - 8 T
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 8T | Internal number: W18
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19. Jungheinrich DFG 680 - 8T
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 8T | Internal number: W19
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Transport of multi-tonnage loads at construction sites, without the application of cranes, requires specialised, reliable equipment – this kind of equipment you can rent from us.

We recommend our forklift trucks to industrial plants, construction companies and companies specialising in assembly of structures or machinery. Certainly, diversified scope of works and environmental conditions affect the need to apply other types of such devices. Three basic types of them can be distinguished with regard to applied drive:

  • electric,
  • diesel drive,
  • LP gas

All of them have numerous advantages which make transport of even multi-tonnage loads a simple task exercised by only one person, namely by forklift truck operator. The majority of models can be operated in multi-shift mode (for many hours), without the risk of overheating or permanently damaging a machine. Nevertheless, a schedule of works should always be prepared subject to breaks for refuelling, charging batteries of forklift truck or replacing LPG bottles.

With regard to electric and LP gas forklift trucks it is worth emphasising their ecological advantages. In both cases the problem of exhaust emission and emission of other toxic substances is entirely eliminated. Liquefied petroleum gas is one of the cleanest available fuels, which has no impact on soil and underground water. Additionally, it is distinguished by minimum noise and vibration level, not disturbing other workers in fulfilling their duties. Therefore, it is a perfect offer for modern enterprises which pay attention to ecological solutions.

Our company rents such machinery for short terms, e.g. 1 day, and also offers long-term rental of forklift truck models with lifting capacity from 3.5 to 16 t, of such world’s leading manufacturers as NISSAN, TOYOTA, KALMAR, RMF and many more. They all are characterised by very good technical condition confirmed by certificates issued by the Polish Technical Inspection.

Diesel forklift trucks

One of the most popular types of forklift trucks are those with diesel drive. Owing to proper engine construction, they not only work very quietly but also are characterised by very low vibration level. Additionally, they can easily handle even more than ten ton loads, which can be efficiently transported to any spot on the premises of given facility without damaging the floor due to applied non-marking tires. Fuel combustion is efficient and is not connected with very high temperatures which might damage the installations.

LP gas forklift trucks

For those who plan to rent only environment-friendly equipment we prepared LP gas forklift trucks, i.e. liquefied petroleum gas. It is clean fuel which in combustion process does not emit harmful toxins, such as sulphur monoxide, carbon monoxide or nitric oxide, into the air. Also, underground water and soil are not contaminated as a result of machine operation. Simultaneously, its performance (load capacity, lift height) is as high as in the case of electric or diesel models.

Electric forklift trucks

Electric forklift trucks are one of the most productive solutions – transport of loads is efficient even if there’s little room. In addition, the presence of such machines inside halls is barely noticeable. This is achieved owing to entire lack of emission of exhaust fumes and other toxic substances and owing to low level of noise and vibration. They are ideal for multi-shift work, however one should remember to consider in the schedule breaks for battery charging.

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