Diesel forklift trucks

00. KALMAR DCE 160-12
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 16T | Internal number: W13
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01. Konecranes type: SL16-1200B
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 16T | Internal number: W14
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02. KALMAR DCE 150-6
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 15T | Internal number: W05
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04. KALMAR DCE 120-6
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 12T | Internal number: W12
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17. Kalmar DCE 100-6 - 10T
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 10T | Internal number: W17
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18. Kalmar DCE 80-9 - 8 T
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 8T | Internal number: W18
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19. Jungheinrich DFG 680 - 8T
Drive: Diesel | Lifting capacity: 8T | Internal number: W19
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In the case of industrial and production plants it is important to apply reliable equipment for transport of goods on the premises of the facility. This highly accelerates the production process and facilitates the management of usable space in the building through transport of for example structural elements or finished machines.

One of the most common propositions on the market is the application of diesel forklift trucks, which are ideal for both long-distance and medium carriage routes. Depending on quality of applied engine, they can also consume much less fuel, which makes the cost of maintenance and operation much lower than one could expect. In addition, they may be distinguished by low noise and vibration level, which is why they don’t disturb the works being carried out in the plant.

The diesel forklift trucks offered for rent by our company include high-performance model KALMAR DCE 150-6 of maximum lifting capacity 15 t and total lift height 3 m. This is a compact machine, which is why it is ideal for halls having little usable space, low gates or in narrow circulation are We provide for adjustment of fork length, offering even up to 2.4 m solutions. In particular, it is worth applying this model during machine relocation or construction or during assembly and disassembly of production lines.

Forklift trucks with diesel drive prove themselves in any conditions – both inside and outside the facility. Their work is not disturbed by fluctuation of temperature or weather changes – heavy rains or high level of sunlight. They can be used even for many hours, in multi-shift mode. Therefore, we recommend them to construction companies and industrial plants whose part of business activity is relocation and production of machines.

An investment in new diesel forklift truck is often unprofitable – it pays back after many years of intensive operation. This solution is not beneficial in particular for plants which apply this type of equipment only occasionally. Simultaneously, buying a used model is related to the risk that it will become non-operational in the nearest months. That’s why so ideal solution is renting machines from a proven company which cares for technical inspections of its models.

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