Aerial work platforms

01. JLG 45E
Drive: Electric | Lift height: 15.7m | Internal number: P01
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02. JLG 4045R
Drive: Electric | Working height: 13.9m | Internal number: P06
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03. JLG 4045R
Drive: Electric | Working height: 13.9m | Internal number: P05
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04. JLG 3246ES
Drive: Electric | Working height: 11.7m | Internal number: P07
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05. Manitou 120AETJC
Drive: Electric | Working height: 11.5m | Internal number: P04
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06. GENIE 3246 - 11,5m
Drive: Electric | Working height: 11.5m | Internal number: P03
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Drive: Electric | Working height: 9m | Internal number: P02
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Works at heights have to be performed with the application of specialised equipment, which ensures that workers are totally safe and at the same time facilitates all exercised tasks.

Works at heights have to be performed with the application of specialised equipment, which ensures that workers are totally safe and at the same time facilitates all exercised tasks. This can be guaranteed through the use of aerial work platforms, which we offer for rent in the following variants:

  • telescopic articulated boom lifts,
  • scissors and vertical lifts.

All of them will enable your workers to reach the desired height and to steadily and concurrently comfortably perform all commissioned works. The machines use electric and diesel drive.

Articulated telescopic boom lifts

Equipment of this type is distinguished by knuckle booms, which may freely move both horizontally and vertically. Depending on applied constructional solutions, it may also rotate even by 360°. This facilitates much more efficient performance of commissioned works, since workers don’t need to reposition the machine every few minutes. In addition, its operation is extremely simple – the platform position can be freely changed using the control panel located in it. Lift capacity and working height of articulated telescopic boom lifts depends on manufacturer and model. For instance, MANITOU 120 AETJ C can handle well the load up to 200 kg, lifting it at max. height of 11.95 m. Simultaneously, JLG 45E, owing to applied constructional solutions, can lift 230 kg at working height of 15.70 m.

Scissors and vertical lifts

Our offer also comprises scissors and vertical lifts, which make it possible to perform works at heights. Certainly, machines of this type are ideal for execution of industrial installations, steel structure assembly and renovation or construction works. In the case of scissors lifts it is worth emphasising their main advantage – stability of the platform, which owing to scissors sets can fluently move up and down. In the case of model JLG 4045R the construction reaches height of max. 13.96 m, lifting workers and their equipment, the total weight of which can be up to 350 kg.

General application

Lifters enable construction companies, production plants and also individual Clients to perform such works as:

  • cleaning, assembly and renovation of gutter systems,
  • pasting up billboards,
  • removal of i.a. snow cornices and icicles,
  • assembly and disassembly of halls and wooden structures,
  • cleaning of glazing, roofing, windows, elevations and other structures,
  • repair and maintenance of municipal lighting, facility lighting, street lighting, external lighting,
  • assembly or disassembly of:
    - lightning protection systems,
    - industrial installations (e.g. electrical installation, gas installation, compressed air installation),
    - industrial hall constructions,
    - banners, coffers and other advertising constructions,
    - lighting on power poles,
    - signboards and road signs,
    - antennas of different kind,
    - close circuit television cameras.
  • replacement of lighting of the traffic control system,
  • painting and impregnation of surfaces of different kind,
  • and many more.

Rent of lifters

We offer aerial work platforms for rent. We prepared several proven models of articulated and telescopic type and of scissors and vertical type. We make sure that all of our lifters have valid certificates issued by the Polish Technical Inspection – they are periodically inspected on a regular basis, in accordance with manufacturer requirements. Before and after each renting, our service staff carries out a detailed examination, which ensures that the equipment is always prepared for our Clients. This enables your company to implement all afore-mentioned works without the obligation to invest in unprofitable new machines or in used machines which not always are fully operational. Rental provides for free usage of equipment, incurring less costs and concurrently maintaining the same high level of effectiveness.

Articulated telescopic boom lifts for rent

Thanks to applied knuckle booms, articulated telescopic lifters can easily shift around, both vertically and horizontally, and also can rotate even by 360°. It is convenient in particular when implementing general construction works of different kind, including assembly of elevations, gutter systems and pasting up billboards. Machines can reach up to 20 m of working height, with lifting capacity up to 350 kg, which is why they prove themselves both in industrial plants and while carrying out renovation works of residential buildings.

Scissors and vertical lifts for rent

Solid construction, stable operation and excellent parameters – these are few advantages distinguishing scissors and vertical lifts. In accordance with their name, they can move only vertically, however larger platforms have room for even two workers. This highly increases all general construction works in progress.

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