Scissors and vertical lifts

02. JLG 4045R
Drive: Electric | Working height: 13.9m | Internal number: P06
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03. JLG 4045R
Drive: Electric | Working height: 13.9m | Internal number: P05
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04. JLG 3246ES
Drive: Electric | Working height: 11.7m | Internal number: P07
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06. GENIE 3246 - 11,5m
Drive: Electric | Working height: 11.5m | Internal number: P03
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Drive: Electric | Working height: 9m | Internal number: P02
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This type of equipment is used in the case of works at heights – including renovation works, machinery relocating, and for the purposes of steel structure assembly. Scissors and vertical lifts make it possible to carry out any renovation or construction works on higher levels.

Vertical scissors lifts are distinguished by great stability which is achieved owing to applied construction consisting of scissors set. The scissors also facilitated high reduction of dimensions of the platform itself, without the reduction of its lifting capacity and lift height. Another advantage of this type of machines is that they can be operated by two persons – the platform is large enough, ensuring enough space for both workers. In the case of machines used indoor, the most common are electrically-driven, whilst those with diesel drive are usually used outdoor.

Self-propelled scissors and vertical lifts prove themselves both indoor and outdoor. They are characterised by high level of mobility and endurance to uneven surfaces. Using the control panel located in the platform, it is easy to regulate its position, by changing its height as required. One should only remember about proper charging of batteries before starting a long-lasting operation of the device.

Our range of products includes scissors and vertical lifts, which we offer for rent. These are models of the world’s biggest manufacturers, such as JLG and GENIE, which for many years have been enjoying great reputation. They owe it to their lift height, which may reach up to 26 m even in loads of weight reaching 450 kg. In addition, they are equipped with non-marking tires, which prevent floor from being damaged during work inside industrial and productions halls.

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